March 15, 2019
March 15, 2019
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Double acting cylinder | adjustable cushioning | magnetic piston | enforced piston | high temperature, FPM seals | H-series

H-series: Profile cylinders according to ISO 15552.

Features: magnetic piston, adjustable cushioning.

Proximity switches can be mounted directly into the profile tube.

Mounting sizes and accessories according to VDMA 24562.

The fixing nut on the piston rod is part of the delivery content.

Diameter | Ø32 – Ø40 – Ø50 – Ø63 – Ø80 – Ø100 – Ø125 mm

Stroke | 25… 1000 mm, according to the chart below

Other non-standard strokes are available on request.

Medium | Air

Working pressure | 1 … 10 bar

Temperature range | -20°C … +150°C

Below 0°C air has to be dried.

Body | Anodized aluminum

Heads | Die-cast aluminum

Drive piston | Aluminum

Piston rod | Chromed steel

Guide bushing | Sintered bronze

Seals | FPM


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