Tissin E / P Positioner – the best product

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March 16, 2018
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Tissin E / P Positioner – the best product

If you are looking for a reliable and professional brand of valve controllers, in this article about positioner we have mentioned a reputable brand in the field of Valve – Tissin E / P Positioner.

Definition of Tissin E / P Positioner

In a simple way, the positioner is an integral part of the fluid flow control system.

A liquid flow control system consists of three basic devices: positioner, control valve and actuator.

Vavle is responsible for closing or opening completely, changing the flow of fluid. The actuator is responsible for generating the appropriate force on the valve to control the position of the valve. The positioner is responsible for closing or opening, adjusting the amount of compressed air corresponding to the control signal into the actuator. With the three components above, the flow of fluid is completely controllable.

Positioner is one of the most widely used equipment in basic industrial plants. In factories that use raw materials, fuels such as water, oil, gas. These materials are precisely controlled by the operator, which is an important link in the chain of making many products from simple to complex for human life.

As one of the precision control devices, the control system receives and responds to the signal so that Valve’s location is most accurate.

Classify Positioner

Positioner is diversified in terms of type and feature-friendly to meet the requirements and purpose of the plant.

Positioner is called the Analog Controller when the signal and the supply air are adjusted based on the principle and the movement of the compressed air, spring, and magnetic force of the magnet.

The positioner is called the Digital Controller. All microcontroller processes are controlled by the micro controller mounted on the board inside the Positioner, changing the settings as well as resetting the settings. Easy way with just one button. Digital Positioner also has the ability to exchange information according to HART standard. Currently, Digital Positioner is being selected by many factories and used because of the utility that it brings.

For each type of Actuator (Single, Double),

There is also a generic online viagra positioner that matches the structure of the Actuator. In the case of single, only one output of the compressed air source, when the pressure in the output is changed, the Actuator operates, when the source of compressed air pressure drops, the spring inside the Positioner will return to its original state.

In contrast, in the case of Double, there are two outputs of compressed air, one side of the compressed air increases, the other side of the compressed air pressure decreases, the process of increasing and decreasing the compressed air to a pressure equilibrium position locates the position of the Actuator.

The division into two types of motion is Linear, Rotary depends on Actuator and Valve movement. The opening and closing of the Valve due to the movement of the Stem axis is called Linear, whereas the opening and closing of the Valve due to the rotation of the Stem shaft is called a Rotary.

In factories where fire and explosion prevention requirements are concerned, the Positioner is designed with the potential to prevent potential fire and explosion hazards. Positioners with explosion-proof features are designed to eliminate potential fire and explosion hazards and to be used in such hazardous environments.

Material constitutes Positioner

Positioner is made up of many different materials, listed below are some of the typical materials used:

Base                                                                       Aluminum Die Casting (ADC12)

Cover                                                                    Aluminum Die Casting (ADC12) or PBT Plastic

Armatuare                                                          Magnetic Steel (Permalloy)

Diaphragm, Packing, O Ring                         Rubber (NBR)

Tissin E / P Positioner

Tissin strives to provide excellent quality Tissin E / P Positioner products through its state-of-the-art manufacturing experience and advanced technology. Tissin will constantly develop and diversify its range of high-tech products to provide the best solution for you.

Tissin E / P Positioner (Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioner) is the best product line among others: tissin smart positioner; Lockup valve, etc.


  • Compact and compact design in accordance with ISO 5211. Zero and Span adjustments, for easy and accurate calibration.
  • It’s very easy to switch from live and vice versa.
  • Easy to apply to different valve control systems. (for example, to all linear and rotary actuators).
  • Durable; fast response time; Stability and reliability
  • Design is not difficult, simply adjust the zero and distance.
  • enclosure IP 66.
  • Easy maintenance due to available type of modules.
  • Powerful and powerful vibration mode with no resonance between 5-200 Hz.
  • The by-pass valve was installed (with A / M switch)
The connection is designed to separate and change the PT / NPT tapping.

Electro-pneumatic positioners are advanced control devices that provide high stability, especially in harsh environments. Tissin Electro-pneumatic positioners use an input control signal of 4-20 mA to control the valve or drop position.

To bring flexibility to the application, you have many choices for standard units. Positioning and options.