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December 14, 2017
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Pneumatic Actuator Conditioning Valveman

What is Pneumatic Actuator and – in the end – how do pneumatic valves work?

Well, our blog covers all kinds of information about valves, valve industry, and the industries in which the valve serves. Sometimes very technical, few other times. Today, I will talk about less techniques, I will focus on pneumatic (air) actuation.

The two most common valves are linear (up and down) such as gate valves and bridges, and turnaround (turnaround) as a ball or butterfly valve. Swing valves typically move between open and closed positions by moving the body 90 degrees. Most of the valves that are activated by compressed air are rotary valves.

The main principle behind quarter-round boot is a racks and gears. This is where an axle with teeth at the interface with a tooth also has teeth (like a tooth). When the racks move, the piston thus moves in a 90 degree rotation, which is attached to the valve body as a ball or butterfly valve. The mechanical link between the support and the gears is the act of activating the valve (moving the valve open or closed).

Sometimes the spring on the opposite side of the shaft will push the valve back to its original position.

In case of lack of pressure inside the drive, the spring will return the bracket to its original position. These spring return pneumatic actuators are common when the valve needs to be damaged in a certain position. The most common configuration for these valves and actuators is “open air (ATO), non-closed valves” when loss of air pressure.

The type of actuator is a double Acting motor. The actuator type must have air pressure on both sides of the piston to push it up and down. This air pressure opens or closes the valve in turn. Two-engine actuators are often called ‘open air’ or ‘air to close’. Valves and actuators will “fail in place” with the loss of air pressure.

A common accessory that is added to these valve valves is the limit switches. Limit switches provide an electrical signal conformation back to the PLC or DCS that a valve is in fact open or closed. Please check out our blog post “What is a limit switch?” To find more about. ValveMan Valve Store carries a series of quarter turn valves – butterfly valves and ball bearings. Be sure to check them out!


  • Valve actuators of various types are electrically operated, operated by compressed air.
  • Pneumatic Actuator can be used for bridge screws, gate valves.
  • It can be 1/4 turn for ball or butterfly valves.
  • The Pneumatic actuator can be operated by the cylinder for gate valves.
  • Booster performs once again active spring back type or double acting.

Again electrical actuators can be classified as type of turn off or control (modulating type).
The starter pneumatic actuator can be operated with a solenoid valve. When you refer to liquid as natural gas, you must choose electromagnetic valves with internal safety at the same time these valves can be placed at a safe distance from valves and piping. These valves are again triggered by on-off (PID) controllers connected to level switches, pressure sensors or temporary sensors, depending on the case.

To control the flow rate, you need to use a pneumatic control valve with a pneumatic actuator operating above (0.2-1 kg / cm2) with an existing pressure switch or a negative electric locator (control signal 4-20mA). They can be used to control the flow rate or downstream pressure. Other factors required are pressure sensor or flow sensor, PID controller.

Control again depends on how the plant is operated as DCS or PLC controlled.

If it is a simple requirement, the actuatar can be made to operate on a limited system of switches. While selecting a transmission, the unsafe mode (in the case of electricity, signal or air) should also be considered, indicated by words such as normally open or normally closed etc.

Typical products:

Size 15 pneumatic Vane Actuator

The new Kinetrol Model 15 transmissions make a big difference between motor 14 and 16, consuming 30% less gas per engine compared to 16 motor, NAMUR and allow direct installation of Kinetrol locators and switches.

Greg Mitchell, General Manager of Kinetrol USA, said: “It’s exciting to see a new product dropping costs, increasing competitiveness and improving customer efficiencies.

Pneumatic actuator back to spring

Innovative design transforms customized design products into a ready-to-order standard

Part Cowan 1 ASCowan Dynamics, a leading provider of process control and control solutions for industrial and manufacturing customers around the world, launches the AS Series pneumatic valve controllers. This new product line offers advanced security features and offers significantly lower costs and faster turnaround time.

Custom orders are no longer needed

Cowan Dynamics has developed a spring return solution for portfolio-based standardization. Customers can now simply reference the size table and order their product according to size and thrust required.

The factory-insulated box design eliminates key safety risks

Spring is installed in sealed containers, allowing for safe transport in the piston stockpile, brace and bushing.

The new product comes with a track record of 50 years

The AS series represents the next generation of Cowan Dynamics’ leading A Series cylinders, thus ensuring over 50 years of proven design and manufacturing experience.

Linear and pneumatic linear hydraulic VAL 3

Cowan Dynamics announces the availability of linear hydraulic and pneumatic actuators with a SIL level of safety. 3. The SIL 3 rating capability is designed to provide our customers with solutions for the development reliable in critical applications without affecting the device’s safety system (SIS – in accordance with IEC 61511 / ISA 84).

SIL 3’s ability to obtain certification of products in accordance with IEC 61508 and received from Exida Certification Services after completing the Failure Mode Effects Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA) .

C SIL of 3 Cowan Dynamics products include:

Pneumatic Double Acting Controller – Acting

AS Series Series – Reverse Pneumatic Valves

Product Series AT – Pneumatic Valve Control Valves

Line A2A – Increased compressed air pressure

ML Series – Hydraulic Actuator

MS Series – Hydraulic valve drives for springs

SIL3 certified products are provided with a copy of Exida’s certification that includes all information that engineers and designers need to calculate the integrity level of a complete safety system. on its constituent parts.