Control valves made me lack of sleep

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Control valves made me lack of sleep

Control valves

What is the control valve? Why do you tell us to carefully check this valve, otherwise we will not be able to continue to work? With my understanding of the below, it may still be not enough. Please comment and share me the source of the control valve offline.

  1. What is the control valve?

This is the question of many people not only us- the group of students. It is known that some customers are using the control valve . But it didn’t running so good so that they also find out to learn more about the control valve.

Hand Valves (globe valve)

We often see the global valve type or also known as hand valves used in the factory as shown above. The control valve is actually just adding the other parts on the borrower to the control valve. What is the control valve?

Automatic control valve 4-20mA

We see that the ON / OFF control valve is fitted with compressed air instead of a handwash to turn it into an automatic valve. However, with this type of ON / OFF control valve, the valve only closes or opens. When compressed air is introduced into the compressed air. For proportional or proportional control or linear control valves, a controller or a positioner is required.

When positioner is attached

The control valve On / OFF automatic control valve, running in the signal 4-20mA, ie. When we supply 4mA signal, the valve will be at 0%, when the signal is 12mA the valve will open to 50%. And when we give 20mA valve will open 100%. Of course, the valve will open linearly with a 4-20mA signal which will allow the terminal to always reach the desired temperature or pressure.

In order for the automatic control valve to run, the compressor must be supplied with a 4-6 bar compressed air supply to the positioner. Which will supply a pneumatic line to the compressed air. When we give 4-20mA signal to the positioner, the positioner will produce a compressed air corresponding to the valve pressure from 0-100%. Because of this, valves are called control valves.

Once you know what the valve concept is all about, let’s find out what the valve control is.

  1. What is the application of the control valve?

In fact, there are many applications for control valves. But according to experience with the factory, the control valves have the three most used applications.

a. Control valve used to control temperature

Control valve used to control temperature

With the control valve application – used to control temperature. In addition to the control valve we need a tree temperature sensor type Pt100 and a temperature controller PID 4-20mA. This controller receives the signal from the temperature sensor and outputs a 4-20mA PID signal to the control valve. Which receives the 4-20mA signal and runs according to the set temperature value. In addition to the PID temperature controller 4-20mA we can also use the PLC to replace.

When we need to process raw materials, ferment, clean. Or heat the tanks for high temperature control, it is imperative to use a control valve to control the temperature required.

b.The control valve is used to control the pressure.

For control valve applications – used to control pressure is similar to the temperature control valve. The only difference is that the gauge is a pressure sensor. Automatic pressure control valves can also act as automatic pressure reducing valves. Because the characteristic of the control valve is to run according to the setting value of the controller.

  1. The control valve is used to control the flow

The flow adjustment is used in breweries, dairy, foodstuffs with the function of adjusting a required flow rate at certain times. Adjusting the flow rate is very important when it needs a steady flow. Which depends on the flow meter for accuracy.

In addition to the 3 common applications on the control valve, there are many other applications depending on the requirements of the user. Hopefully with Hoa’s sharing will help people have a look at the control valve and know better what the control valve is.

In addition, we have to learn more about some of the control valves below. As well as some other popular applications

Pneumatic control valve:

  • pneumatic linear valve
  • Hot oil control valve
  • Heat Transfer Control Valve
  • Heat Transfer Control Valve
  • Heat control valve (eg, Boiler Control Valve).
  • Three-way valve compressed air
  • Pneumatic steam control valve
  • Hot oil compressed air control valve
  • Ari Armaturen pneumatic control valve

Electric control valve:

  • 4-20mA Analog Control Valves
  • Rubber oil heating control valve
  • Electric Valve ON-OFF PID Controller
  • RTK control valve
  • Three-way valve
  • Electronic control valve KFM – Germany

The content of the control valve above is what I was provided by the sisters. Sso if you still want to know more about pneumatic control valve or electric control valve. We would like to discuss with you in next time.