Control valves are prominent of the industrial brands

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December 7, 2017
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December 10, 2017

Control valves are prominent of the industrial brands

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Numatics 502 Series Directional Control Valve

ASCO has introduced the Numatics 502 Series pneumatic driven valve with high flow and the widest range of parts and accessories. The 502 series incorporates a series of high performance operation directional control valve (501 Series and 503 Series) with higher flow rates. Less power consumption; and install, configure and modify on the spot.

The 502 (18 mm) module is a common industrial valve for automation and pilot applications in the automotive. And automobile industries, tires, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and packaging. . Valves have the flexibility to meet ISO 15407-2 while retaining high flow characteristics.

APCO SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve

Designed for maximum efficiency and economy, the APC SmartCHECK Pump Control Valve (CPC) is a combination valve of an electrically operated pump control valve with the best features of the check valve. Check out APCO’s high-end swing. The SmartCHECK pump control valve has been designed to control increased pressure during normal pump start-up and shutdown. And to actively shut down when power is lost – without expensive hydraulic components,

The SmartCHECK pump control valve uses the APCO CVS-6000 high-performance swing check valve with a unique torque that can operate with any valve electric operator. SmartCHECK pump control valve are ideal for a variety of applications including raw sewage, sewage, raw water, clean water or pipeline pumping.

BERMAD Hydraulic Water and Air Valve Products

Victaulic currently supplies hydraulic control systems and valves to Canadian water suppliers. Through its relationship with BERMAD, Victaulic will sell BERMAD hydraulic control valve and valves, addressing many important challenges for the water industry.

Together, Victaulic and BERMAD provide products designed for easy maintenance and long life. Which are important for water supply, wastewater treatment, recycled water and leakage prevention. Water for urban areas. The Victaulic product range includes the BERMAD 700 and 800 hydraulic control valve along with the BERMAD combination valve. BERMAD products are designed to achieve high quality and high performance in large scale water supply environments.

Directional Control Valve Hunt Valve

Hunt Valve has released directional hydraulic directional control valves. And ensured long-term reliability for steel and aluminum production. From the pump to the roll line, this robust valve is ideal for a variety of low viscosity applications thanks to its leak-proof design and easy maintenance.

In addition to the low leakage and maintenance benefits, the Hunt Valve‘s directional valves are designed with sealing materials designed to provide yearly maintenance services free of charge. In addition, the company’s distinctive ceramic pipe eliminates the need for good filtration related to the pilot-type valves manufactured from traditional stainless steel.

Seven-Way Control Valve

Rotork Japan has provided the IQ3 intelligent valve actuator for automating what is known as the world’s first seven-way valve. The innovative valve, manufactured in Japan by the Aska Group, operates under high pressure to control and regulate the flow of chemicals such as polymers. Reducing the equipment load during downstream production.

The unique radial design of the valve removes any dead space (no flow) area that can corrode the quality of the media. The design requires a compact operating solution capable of delivering fast. And accurate valves with high operating torque. The viscosity, temperature and high pressure of the controlled environment are other factors that contribute to the challenge requirements of the application.

BCV43 Series Blowdown Control Valves

Spirax Sarco has released the BCV43 control valve with line sizes ¾ “and 1 ½”. The BCV43’s new water control valve is based on the SPIRA-TROL platform. And is designed to maintain optimal TDS to minimize evaporation, thereby maintaining steam and condensation and saving water, and energy. The BCV43 water control valve is suitable for many different applications when the boiler is operating unattended for 24 to 72 hours. periods.

Control valves from BCV43 have been designed to minimize seat erosion to ensure consistent tightness. No special tools are required; Allows easy maintenance with reduced downtime.

Numatics 501 Series Directional Control Valve

ASCO Numatics has introduced the Numatics 501 Series Directional Control Valve. General purpose automation valves are designed for directional control. And pilot applications that require a compact size, high flow capacity and energy efficiency.

The pressure off option allows the user to replace individual valves without stopping production – reducing downtime and maintenance. The combination of the regulator and the Numasizing® technique can significantly reduce the amount of gas and energy. Modular design of the valve also allows for easy configuration and modification.

The new valve base is suitable for pilot valve applications. High flow rates, compact size, and optional mounting plates allow for efficient use of cabinet space. A three-dimensional version allows the arrangement of two three-dimensional valves in the space of a four-way valve.

Metso’s Neles Control Valve Offering Extended

Neles® ceramic control valves have been approved for erosion protection, which has been extended to NPS 08 “(DN 200) at 300 bar (PN40).

E-series valves are the most resistant to erosion control valves. It acts as an ideal solution in many energy and hydrocarbon processes, as well as in the processing of minerals and minerals. Where metal and coating materials are not available due to high corrosion. Catalyst treatment can be a challenging application. With the E-line control valve, the running time of the plant can be extended and the life cycle cost is reduced.

Pulp plants with a capacity of up to 1.5 million tons were able to use this new valve size as part of their latest process investments to meet the demand for rigorous control applications and achieve bigger size.

The Neles E2 / E6 ceramic control valve utilizes a proven, practical design with solid ceramic cutting elements to cover the entire wet flow.

Process Control Valves Benefit from Absolute Position Feedback

Linear position feedback for industrial valves is important to improve the control process.

MTS Sensors provide accurate and quick position feedback to improve responsiveness within the control loop.

Powerful Temposonics® technology means there is no maintenance or calibration cost for the sensor, even in harsh environments.

A range of housing options (including IP69k stainless steel housing) allows installation in a wide variety of applications. Both analog and digital interfaces are available. And this technology will create an absolute position without having to replay after a power cycle.

Position values ​​deviated from expected values ​​can be used to detect potential valve failures. Or to require preventive maintenance.

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