What’s wrong with your actuator? 5 things to check

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December 16, 2017
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December 27, 2017

What’s wrong with your actuator? 5 things to check

What’s wrong with your actuator? 5 things to check

We will be posting a blog post called 40 Reasons Your Player Will Not Work on an upcoming post.

It will help you understand the 40 reasons why valve actuators have stopped working, but in fact only a few components can cause problems. So if you have a gearbox on the fritz, this is the five things you need to check.


What manifests itself in the form of a transmission device can really be a valve problem. Our service experts report that this is the case of 7 out of 10 times they are referred to as faulty controllers.

Some common valve problems can cause actuator problems:
  • The valve body is worn out
  • Pack
  • Jam
  • Too much torque

It does not do anything good to fix a actuator when the valve is what causes trouble. On the contrary, it wastes both time and money – and leaves you back to where you started.

So, before you start leaking your actuator, first place the unit into manual override and see if you can operate the valve manually (this is only possible for electric actuators). If the valve is still not moving, the problem is probably valve. If the valve is operated in manual mode, you may have a problem with the actuator.

The actuator has only four main components that can malfunction and require repair.

The drive column in the middle

The actuator opens and closes the valve by acting on the valve body. This is the work of the central column drive and this drive may be corrupted. However, this is a very rare occurrence, and is not the main cause of the transmission problem.

Connected to the valve

It is most likely that the connection with the valve – nut drive – has failed. A worn drive shaft nut will not stabilize the valve shaft. You can see this by removing the center column cap and looking down at the center with the valve body.

The contactor

Engine contactors are the electrical components inside the electric actuator that tell the actuator to open or close the valve when the input signal is applied. Otherwise, the actuator will not work. The contactor is also protected by fuses, so check the fuse first!

The motorbike

On the electric actuator, the engine provides torque to operate the valve. If the engine fails, the valve is not going anywhere. In this case, verify that the duty cycle and insulating layer are sufficient for the application.

And basically it! Everything else is bulletproof.

For repair work, every situation is unique. If the actuator can be locked because there is no current, then the repair can be made on the spot. For example, if you need a new engine or contactor, a technician will usually be able to replace the parts without turning off the entire line.

On the other hand, for mechanical work such as replacing a center column, you may have to remove the actuator from service before repair.

The level of repair also depends in part on the type of valve that the actuator is coupled to. For example, to repair actuators on door valves, you usually need to take the entire unit out of service and close the line.

If you need help figuring out which part of the actuator or valve is causing you trouble, call us. Our implementation specialists can provide telephone support and, if necessary, we can send a service technician to your location to help you back up and run as quickly as possible. .

Actuator Information in Nam An Tech

What makes the Nam An Tech actuator special? One reason is that they are specially designed to meet the requirements of the processing industry for reliable operation and accurate control. Our actuators are mainly used for Nam An Tech valves, but they can be easily adapted to other valves that require a 90 degree arc.

We have made no effort to eliminate any violent reaction between the moving parts of the actuator or between actuators and valves. This has created the requisite preconditions for accurate accuracy and has laid the foundation for accurate diagnosis.
We can also supply electric and hydraulic drives of famous brands.

Accessories for Nam An Tech actuator

Many years of experience have taught us that acessories are the best fit for our products and our executive structure is clearly no exception. The righ accessories allow you to easily enhance the performance of our actuators and achieve product performance the way above and beyond the average.

The most common accessories are the locator for the control valve and the solenoid valve and the limit switch for the on / off valve.

The product line

Nam An Tech Type A-DA and A-SC / SO type drive

S-type actuators are designed for control and on-off applications. This actuator is mainly used for ball valves, ball valves and butterfly valves Nam An Tech.

S-type actuators of the A-DA type are dual-acting and are designed to meet the highest requirements for control applications. Particular attention has been paid to achieving low friction resistance. The coupling eliminates the reaction between actuators and valves that optimize the control performance.

A13-SC Single-drive Nam An Tech type A-SC / SO is essentially identical to the A-DA actuator, the difference being a spring-loaded device that opens or closes when the air is damaged.
All our actuators have passed the comprehensive quality control before shipping and all our solutions meet the needs of the process industry in terms of functionality and reliability.


The linear motion of the piston is converted to a rotary motion by a link. The curve shows the actuator start torque as a function of the angle of rotation


For Nam An Tech, quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process is at the foundation of our business. This goal includes post-delivery maintenance. Our goal is to ensure longevity for all of our products.

Build friendly maintenance – we make it easy

Our service department is there for you as a customer, and we will assist in any way needed to maintain our products with ease. Nam An Tech engineers have developed products with accessible parts that are easily dismantled and serviced.

Our service department offers you as a customer any assistance needed at the final control or launch. All you have to do is contact us. We provide maintenance and repair at your facility or in our facilities.

Transmission – references from different disciplines

When the valve is remote controlled, or operated regularly, it must be equipped with some type of actuator. The pneumatic actuator has a unique position because it is simple in design, compact, pricey and fundamentally insensitive to the environment in which it is installed. By providing pneumatic actuators with various types of accessories, it can be used for control applications as well as shutdown applications.

Few industries do not use pneumatic actuators. However, in some industries, they use traditional electric or hydraulic drives

Examples of industries using pneumatic actuators are the pulp and paper industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, pharmaceuticals, and engine manufacturers.